2019 Ford F750 TL-3 Scorpion Attenuator


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TRUCK CURRENT LOCATION: Pennsylvania (Unit# 10138)

  • SCORPION TL-3 truck mounted attenuator device

-Complete TMA with two 90 degree folds

-12V electrical system

-Hydraulic motor and cylinders

-Two side mounted support posts

-Standard reflective sheeting pattern

  • 14’ FLATBED

Structural Steel long sills, Structural cross sills

-Front rear and side floor rails

-Intermediate gussets

-Tread plate floor with non skid surface

-All body parts electrically welded into one integral unit

-Stop Turn and ICC lighting built into body tail shelf

-Body Filled with concrete & rebar for weight and utilization of deck for sign & cone storage

-Heavy duty bulkhead with full width window

-Bulkhead welded to body

-12 ga commercial grade steel box formed vertical posts

-16 ga commercial grade multi crimped die formed slats 4 per rack

-Racks 42” high above floor fixed to body

-Hinged Side opening racks for ease of access

-Access steps below swing out-side racks

-Grab handles mounted on racks for body access

-Two (2) 24”x24”x36” job boxes mounted to each side under flatbed

-Truck Lite Super 44’s SST lights

-Truck Lite LED reverse lights

-Amber & Red LED marker lights mounted on body

-Led license plate light and bracket

-Standard back up alarm

-Job boxes black to match flatbed

-Paint all below flat bed black 

  • ARROWBOARD Superior signal SY3823672L 36”X72” 25-lamp LED arrow board

19 LED’s per lamp visibility up to 1 mile

-180 degree half hoods to prevent snow packing

-Mounted stationary at rear of truck above rear racks

-Aluminum panels and frames (black)

-Cab mounted controller simplified one touch function

-Visual indication of arrow modes on controller

-Built in diagnostic feature warns of defective lamps, low vehicle battery, and short circuit condition

-Automatic or manual brightness controls (7 levels 40% to 100%)

-12 arrow modes 5 flashing and 7 sequential

-Arrow board to be powered by a solar panel and battery system. To permit operation of arrow board without the truck engine running. Arrow board mounted on rear stake racks or bulkhead mounted   


-Two post mounted strobes mounted on bulkhead powered by a switch on dash

-Two round amber LED strobes installed in rear light boxes

-Two oval LED strobes mounted in front grill

-2” red and white DOT conspicuity tape applied to perimeter of flat bed

-Two Betts work lights Mounted on bulk head, fully adjustable to light up work area and powered by switch on dash

-One work light mounted right rear of bed near attenuator,

-5-lb. fire extinguisher with mounting bracket.

-Triangle reflector kit

-First aid kit

-Manual holder, location TBD.

-DOT inspection.

  • CHASSIS 2019 Ford F-750

-Wheelbase: 194”; Cab to Axle: 120”

-GVWR: 25,999 lbs.

-6.7L Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel

-270 HP

-6-Speed Automatic Transmission

-Dual batteries

-1800 CCA

-220 AMP alternator

-Single horizontal exhaust system

-Air ride driver seat with passenger seat

-Wheels: 22.5 x 8.25, 10-hole steel disc, Front tires: 11R22.5G, Rear tires: 11R22.5G,

-50 gallon fuel tank