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Vehicle Mounted Aerial Lift Sales, Service and Parts

Versalift Northwest is an authorized distributor of Versalift high-reach utility equipment, including vehicle mounted aerial lifts, digger derricks and cable placers. Located in Salem, Oregon, Versalift Northwest sells, upfits, assembles, services, repairs and delivers market leading aerial lifts manufactured by Versalift in Waco, Texas. This work is accomplished daily in order to support companies and organizations in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Our goal is to build and maintain close working supply and service relationships with fleet organizations, including Investor Owned Utilities, Telecommunications Providers, Tree Care Companies, Government Organizations and Contractors across Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

About Versalift Northwest

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Time Manufacturing Company, Versalift Northwest L.L.C. occupies a 20,000 SF installation and service facility in Salem, Oregon, and is the region’s distributor for Versalift aerial lifts, bucket trucks, cable placers and digger derricks. Distributing Versalift, Skybird, Ruthmann and Condor products in the region, Versalift Northwest delivers incredible innovations to its customers. The Versalift Northwest facility is state-of-the-art, and it creates the opportunity to install, upfit, sell and service new and used Versalift aerial lifts in order to build partnerships with our customers. It is our goal to ensure safety, quality and reliability in every product we deliver.

At Versalift Northwest, we listen to our customers and keep working until we are sure that we understand their needs. It is listening to customers that allows us to make continual improvements to our products. Our experienced sales engineers help our customers find exactly the right equipment from Versalift’s complete line of vehicle mounted aerial lifts, cable placers and digger derricks. Based on customer feedback, we work to improve the products that help our customers successfully address the significant daily challenges that occur through the course of the work week.

Additional Components we Stock and Service

Pumps and PTOs, Pintle and Tow Hitches, Outrigger Pads, Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings, Hydraulic Tools and Accessories, Go Lights, Strobe Lights, Beacon Lights, Aerial Safety Equipment, Auger Bits & Tooling, Power Inverters, Safety Decals & Placards, Winch Rope, Truck Toolboxes, Air Compressors, Bucket Truck Accessories, Biodegradable Oils, and Hi Rail Gear

Parts & Service

Aerial lifts and the Industries we Serve

Versalift vehicle mounted aerial lifts are engineered to create real value in several important industries in the United States and around the world. Each industry requires that participating organizations are able to safely put technicians with their tools and materials into the air, where they can do upkeep and maintenance tasks, and perform repairs when they are necessary.

Electric Power Distribution

Electric Power Transmission

Telecommunications Industry

Sign, Light & Traffic Industry

Wind Energy Industry

Tree Care

Departments of Transportation

Versalift Northwest is an OEM parts supplier for:

  • Versalift, Condor, Phoenix, and Ruthmann Aerial Devices

  • Braden Winch Products

  • Masterrack Van Interiors

  • Sortimo Van Interiors

  • Reading Truck Bodies

  • Brand FX & Dakota Bodies

  • Autocrane, Palfinger, Liftmoore Cranes

  • VMAC Air Compressors

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Versalift Northwest Service Department:

At Versalift Northwest, we supply aerial lifts and other high reach specialty equipment to valued customers in our region, including businesses, government organizations and contractors. We are an assembler and upfitter of Versalift bucket trucks, cable placers and digger derricks, and we work to create and maintain long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Versalift Northwest normally works with customers to provide them with the specific equipment that they have ordered to specification. As a result, the majority of the new Versalift equipment we sell is made to order, and there is very little inventory on hand that is ready to sell.

Some of the most popular lines of Versalift high-reach equipment are:

The SST line of Versalift vehicle mounted aerial lifts – popular for their surprising horizontal reach, the versatile and customizable articulated telescopic bucket trucks can be configured for almost any high-reach task because of a large set of available features and options.

The Versalift VST line of Versalift vehicle mounted aerial lifts has similar capabilities to the SST line, but it has a greater range of vertical reach, and it is a heavier and more durable line of high-reach equipment.

Versalift TMD Digger Derricks are available in a number of configurations that include a range of  nine different sheave heights. The TMD 4060-T, which happens to be the most powerful and heaviest Versalift model of digger derrick currently in production, has 60’ of sheave height.

Versalift’s line of lightweight cable stringing units, called STP Cable Placers, are equipped with industry-leading side reach and platform capacity. Companies that are focused on the construction of new telecommunications networks are going to be very busy over the coming years, and Versalift STP cable placers will enable these companies to accomplish this work in an  efficient and cost effective way

Versalift Overcenter vehicle mounted aerial lifts are some of the most popular Versalift equipment for customers that work in the tree care and vegetation management industries. The Versalift VO line delivers a world class aerial lift featuring full hydraulic pressure on a number of powerful and durable chassis.

Service, Repair, Parts  and Maintenance

At Versalift Northwest, our service department keeps regular hours and is open Monday through Friday, from 7:00am to 4:00pm, PST. Our factory-trained service team works to make sure that our very high quality standards are maintained whenever our customers require equipment service for their high-reach equipment. While we are an authorized Versalift distributor, we are able to service all competing brands of aerial lift, digger derrick and cable placer.

Dedicated to the specialized needs of electric utility, telecommunications, tree care, municipal and contractor fleets, our service department stays focused on  getting our customers’ equipment repaired correctly and returned to service as quickly as possible. Combined with the resources of our parts department, our service team is able to deliver quality work on a typically tight timeline. along with parts and services.

• Annual ANSI inspections

• Planned Maintenance Inspections

• Factory-certified Technicians

• Reconditioning, Rebuilding and Remounting

• Hydraulic and Electrical Systems

Please CONTACT our service department to schedule an appointment.